Saturday, 7 January 2012

Summary of “blog thing” course

This blog post represents the final stage of the course to which I have been devoting most of my blogs up until now. The course featured some tools I already used (dropbox, twitter, my e-portfolio), and showed me new ways to use existing websites like doodle and you tube. However, most importantly, I have discovered many potentially useful new tools like slideshare, lanyard, mendelay, prezi and delicious.

I imagine that the tool I have found most interesting, and that I will probably use the most in the future is “prezi.” As it has a mind-map type interface it should be useful for helping me to understand my ideas, and then later to explain them to others.

But if I end up collaborating with others the collaborative tools, such as google docs and dropbox, may prove more useful. Mendelay may prove useful in the future if I am still writing but not affiliated to an academic institution, as my endnote subscription would come to an end.

Perhaps in the future I will make videos of myself talking about things, which could be a useful tool for explaining and disseminating my ideas.

Friday, 6 January 2012

You Tube

The penultimate blog task is to tweet and embed you tube videos. Unfortunately I couldn't find any that were directly relevant to my research, other than some dry lectures on distributive justice. So I thought I would embed an amusing video of GA Cohen, a prominent political philosopher who died a few years ago.