Sunday, 8 September 2019

2019-20 Courses for the general public

Just an update about availability of my Oxford Continuing Education courses for the upcoming year as one is already fully booked.

For the latest info on my courses see here.

Online courses in Political Philosophy

I will be teaching on all three runs of the Political Philosophy: An Introduction course this academic year.

The first one is fully booked, but there may be a waiting list.

Only the next one will be available to book at any one time. Once it commences booking is opened for the following one, so note down the date when booking comes available on your chosen run as it usually fills up!

Tuesday Evening Classes in central Oxford

Spaces are currently available on both my upcoming evening classes.

What Would an Economically Equal Society Look Like?
October to December 2019

Many people assume that a just society should aim at equality between all citizens. But what does this actually mean? How does equality trade off with other values? Do people's choices matter? In this course we consider rival visions of an equal society.

International Ethics and Global Justice: What Do We Owe Those beyond the Border?
January to March 2020

Explore the ethical and economic issues arising from an unequal world with borders. This course considers whether and why we have more responsibility for our fellow citizens and the implications for trade, aid, tax and immigration.

Saturday Day School on Post-truth in North Oxford 

On the 30th of May 2020 Dr Julia Weckend and I are offering a day school where we consider whether we are now living in a post-truth world and how this relates to philosophical ideas about truth.

Truth in a Post-Truth World

It is said we have entered a post-truth age. Has philosophical skepticism, cultural change or new technology led us on this path? What is truth anyway? This day unpacks the notion of truth, why it might be changing and whether it is still relevant today.

Summer course in Oxford

I will again be offering an accredited summer school course in 2020 at the Oxford University Summer School for Adults. The course webpage is not yet live but hopefully it will be soon and you can find it via the link above.

Can economic inequality be justified? Should some get more than others?

I gave a lecture on this topic at the 2019 summer school which can be found here.

The week-long course will be in early August.

Full listing

The full listing of my upcoming courses can be found here.