Sunday, 3 June 2018

My courses for 2018-9

Some of my courses for the 2018-9 academic year are now open for booking!

I will be teaching two online courses this year: Political Philosophy and Ethics. Others teach these courses too, so you might not get me depending which term you take the course.

I'll be teaching an evening course in Oxford from January to March Should Some Get More Than Others? Justifications for Economic Inequality. This discusses the non-egalitarian theories of distributive (or economic) justice that argue it is right for some to get more than others.

I will be teaching a Summer school course as well, on climate change policy and environmental ethics. It should be available for booking in the Autumn. 

The OUDCE website now conveniently has pages which display the courses taught by a particular tutor, mine is here. New courses will appear on here once my name is attached to them.