Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Happy times!

A few happy things to report.

The first is that my brother married Emily on Saturday and it was a wonderful day. For the first time I have a sister!

The second is that my paper "Realising International Justice" is available as an advance viewing. In the paper I argue that the requirements of background justice require the global taxation of international citizens, but that this does not require the creation of a global state or for all states to impose the same tax rates. Instead, I suggest that the employment of a counter-incentive would achieve the desired ends. I also explain my counter-incentive proposal in a book chapter published last year and in chapter eight my forthcoming book, Rethinking Taxation.

If you work at a university you might want to ask your librarians to subscribe if they do not already receive the Moral and Political Philosophy journal as part of a package. It should develop into an important journal in the field, and mine is the second paper it has made available.