Saturday, 29 October 2011

Bloggy things

I have now completed five more blog "things."
I signed up to the RSS feed of the "things" programme I'm on.
I signed up to the RSS feed of philosophy and public affairs, a premier journal in my field.
I have already signed up to plenty of podcasts (admittedly not usually academic ones) using itunes. Some of them are fairly worthy radio 4 type ones like the Reith lectures and "In our time." I'm just looking through itunesu, looks like there is loads on there!

Unfortunately my ipod has been out of action for a little while, and so I've got a big backlog of podcasts already.

I already have an account and an eprofile, so those two things were easy!Link


nouseforaname said...

Listen to them on your computer! I find them great to work to. Might just be me though...

dougbamford said...

Yeah, I think if I listened to speech while working I'd either be ignoring the podcast totally or it would distract me from my work.

I did listen to some while making my lunch today though so I'm clearing the backlog a little.

dougbamford said... I've put my ipod back together now with its new headphone socket :)

Unfortunately there are now large gaps in the sides :(

Jenny Delasalle said...

Glad you're getting on so well with the Things. Hopefully it's a sign that they are useful to researchers when you guys have already done them!

I like listening to podcasts in my lunch break too. Have you discovered the TEDtalks series? and the RSA Animate stuff on YouTube as well as TEDtalks is excellent!

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