Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My first Prezi

Here is my first Prezi!

It is a presentation of my recent blog entry.

Prezi is an online presentation design website. The idea that is that there is a canvas with text and pictures and during the presentation you zoom around the canvas to look at the different parts according to a path that you have set. This is a bit more intuitive than powerpoint, as it works like a mand-map, enabling the presenter and audience to see how things fit together. During the question and answer session it is easy to scroll around the presentation to see the different elements as required.

I was a bit daunted about how long it would take to produce a presentation on this but it didn't seem difficult after watching the online explanation.

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Emma said...

Just a couple more things to go now to complete the programme. Remember to register your completion by midnight on Sunday 8th January. Details are on the blog at

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