Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pre-Match Preview: Queens Bark Rangers vs Leads United

The Kennelworth Road faithful are in for a treat in the first competitive game of the season for Queens Bark Rangers. A good pre-season which included comfortable wins over Barking United, Bedlington Terriers, Hamiltonstovare Academicals and Argentino FC.

Leads United are a different proposition, however, and will pose some serious questions for Doggie Freedman’s side. Q.B.R. have a lot of new players so they will have to continue to gel quickly, and we can exclusively reveal the line-up for the first match:





Danny Foxhound
Gerard Pique-nese
Harry Great Dane

Many former playing legends will be attending the game, such as Paul Griffon Bleu de Gascoigne, Lee Shar Pei, Steve Bull Terrier, Kenny Dogleash, and Stan Collie-more. Hopefully it will be a good game without too much fouling on the pitch.

*Acknowledgements to Richard/Sherlock Jones and friends (for the last two legends) who happened to be discussing dog football puns on Facebook recently . They also suggested Emile Husky (which we already had) and Spaniel Sturridge (but Katy had already made Spaniel Agger).


dougbamford said...

Thanks to my talented fiancee Katy for all her hard picture-editing work.

Does anyone have suggestions for future signings or legends we have missed off?

dougbamford said...

Liam Shields' suggestions from facebook: Chairman Bill kennelwright? Manager Glen Poodle and assistant Steve hound

dougbamford said...

Anonymous suggestions:
Paul Pugba
Corgi Alba

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