Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Working time exactness

My hour credit proposals make use of hour credits, each of which is received when someone spends an hour. I'm sure some people doubt the feasibility of my proposal on the basis that employers wouldn't really control the time that workers to the required level of exactitude.

To challenge that I would usually point to time-card systems and computer-log-in-programmes that are used by many employers. I might also mention that the official leaving time where I work is 17.18.

But Morley College have gone a step further, A recent advert for an administrator there specified that the job is 0.700443 full-time-equivalent. So if a full week there is 38 hours a week then this job is 26.616834 hours per week, or 26 hours 37 minutes and 6 seconds.

Perhaps the time divides more neatly into whatever their specified full-time hours happen to be. However, I thought it was an interesting case, perhaps because of its apparent ridiculousness.

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