Sunday, 13 March 2016

A journal article by yours truly - Arguing for a New Form of Taxation: Lifetime Hourly Averaging

Great news, my paper Arguing for a New Form of Taxation: Lifetime Hourly Averaging is available for viewing online.

I'm very pleased to have this paper published in the Journal of Applied Philosophy.

In the paper I present my lifetime hourly averaging proposal and defend hypothetical insurance as the best method to determine whether resources in society are distributed in a fair manner.

The hypothetical insurance approach is to consider how much redistribution people would support if they did not know if they had a good or bad upbringing, were highly talented or less talented and whether they find themselves in the right place at the right time to earn more money.

I argue that if people put themselves in this hypothetical situation they would find my hourly averaging tax and benefit proposal the most attractive one to transfer resources from the more to the less economically fortunate.

As I've explained elsewhere, you don't have to take a hypothetical insurance approach to support my hourly averaging proposals. However, in this paper I argue that hypothetical insurance is the best approach to take and that if you take this approach then hourly averaging is the tax and benefit system to support.

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